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chloe-amour-goes-deepSite Foundation is, according to it’s own author, just a blog about the kind of porn the author likes. Exactly what he likes is not stated but one thing you can be certain of from taking a quick glance is that he really likes Latina bombshell Chloe Amour. All the posts so far have been about her.

The blog style frequently seems like a waste of a lot of space and effort when it comes to porn. I mean seriously, when you search for porn are you really thinking “Man, I’d love to read about some good porn!” Seems unlikely. But making up for the text we don’t want to read are a half dozen or more high resolution screen grabs from the video (which is embedded on the page, no redirects). The screen shots are a great addition for when you want to hold that perfect image in mind and finish… um, reading the article. ;-)

As I mentioned earlier, all the posts so far have been about Chloe Amour (not a bad thing, but still). But according to the author’s introduction to the site, that will change over time. While the idea of just seeing some random dude’s favorite porn borders on the creepy, his taste in porn has been fantastic so far so we’re giving him a big benefit of the doubt. Don’t let us down, Site Foundation.

Perfect Ass Goes Latin

Perfect Ass LatinasPerfect Ass, a site we’ve covered before has taken an interesting twist of late. While still focused on the question for the perfect ass, they have recently targeted their search for said posterior to the Latina community. This has led to a number of articles on particular porn stars and an impressive archive of general Latina coverage.

One of the primary focuses of Perfect Ass’s Latina search has been been sensation Sara Luvv, the tiny young Latina whose facial expressions and willingness to take on cocks way out of her weight class have made her instantly famous. Another is Marina  Angel, the blonde Latina  with small breasts and a tiny frame. Despite being in her first year of porn work, Marina Angel has already amassed an impressive collection of scenes that have won her a large and growing fan base.

While Perfect Ass is covering Latinas from every angel, the lesbian Latina angle seems to have captured their attention the most. If you’re a fan of the hot-blooded Latin lovelies, we encourage you to take a look at the new material.

Ads for Porn

Well, this is a first. We’re placing an ad for a site that places ads for sites. Yikes. Porn Site Ads brings you just what it says it will, Porn Site Ads. But Porn is kinda funny that way. Some of the best porn you find is when you look up something you know and follow an ad someplace else and find something entirely new. So check out the ads and give them a chance, you might some real goodies.

You can also find some goodies for your more exotic tastes at extremefetishs. The name kind of says it all, but the you never know what extreme tastes you might like till you try it.

The Quest for the Perfect Ass

teen-lesbian-69-and-3-way-2The folks at are nothing if not focused. And what are they focused on? Politics. Duh. They’re focused like a laser beam on asses. They’ve got a categorization system to help users find only the rumps that meet their own standards. An interesting note, they don’t actually rate or judge the perfectness of any particular posterior. They seem to be built on the very true idea that one man’s idea of perfect is wildly different from another.

So that leads to their variety. Their asses from the tiny ‘small ass’ all the way to the occasionally gargantuan Ghetto Booty. They tell us that they found the list of terms on another web site and ran with it. The material they present is all over the place and it’s all hardcore. They’ve got the girls who are 18 all the way to MILFs. And it’s not all white girls either. All the categories get mashed up, our favorite was a Latina MILF (for several reasons).

Which leads to a word about quality. Not all the videos are of the same quality, but there are no stinkers here at all. And there are truly gorgeous videos presented in full HD. The best HD videos (and there are a lot of them) have incredible production quality, looking more like Hollywood than porn. So f ind your Perfect Ass and enjoy. They also have theme pages. One such theme is the latina lesbian tag. Or there’s a spectacular one under lesbian 69. Notice the themes developing? Actually both lesbians of all sorts and latinas in any capacity are topics of fervent interest.

The Bard: Guide to Adult Entertainment

The Bard will be your guide to the sometimes scary world of adult entertainment. We will filter out the yuck and just leave you with the fun. We will have both the gay and the straight, but always and only the highest quality. Junk, even if you’re looking at somebody’s junk, is just no fun. So we set high standards: pretty people, good production value, and attempts at “acting” kept to a minimum. Goodness knows, adult performers may have talents, but acting never seems to be among them.

The Bard will also bring you news from the adult industry and Speedy Shots, quick mentions of sites that are good enough for a full article but we really only had time for a paragraph. :-) We could have made up some elaborate lie, but the truth is just so much simpler. That way we won’t get confused later.

When we bring you a full article we will include not only links to the site, but links to some of the more interesting pages on the site. Sometimes the best stuff isn’t easy to find, so we’ll cut you right through to the goodies.

Sadly, it has to be said, The Bard will only bring you entertainment featuring performers who are over 18 years of age and are in full compliance with all applicable laws. Enough said.